UNIT 1’s SOUNDSHIELD | Keeping You Safe While Revolutionizing Your Action Sports Audio Experience

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You probably love riding while listening to music. We all do. But for most of us, it is hard to deal with a fiddly interface (or no interface at all) to control it. Especially when it’s below zero, we are wearing our warmest mittens, and we have to open our jacket to pause the music or take a call.

Luckily, a team of riders and industrial designers from Argentina have teamed up to find a solution to this problem. They have not only found it, but they have designed a product that will revolutionize audio for skiing, snowboarding, skating and all action sports. It’s called SOUNDSHIELD, and it is a helmet/headphones combination that simply doesn’t exist.

SOUNDSHIELD: an extreme sports helmet with beautifully crafted integrated headphones. // photo: UNIT 1

The clever design eliminates the issue of an audio kit or earbuds slamming uncomfortably against your ears and it works to provide the comfort needed for use in extreme sports. Even better, the headphones can be used independently from the helmet. Just insert the headphones into the helmet when you need protection, and click them out when you just need sound.

The headphones can be used independently from the helmet. // photo: UNIT 1

SOUNDSHIELD headphones come with a built-in microphone, and can play up to 16 hours of music. It has an intuitive single button control and a volume dial on the headphones for easy use and accessibility, and can even be used while wearing thick gloves or mittens – perfect for being able to take calls while you go on those cold days.

40 mm speakers backed up with hand picked electrical components to deliver uncompromised quality. // photo: UNIT 1

“We wanted to give people the option of having their sports equipment integrated into their everyday life. Nobody wants to buy a product you only use for a few weeks in the year, so we’re looking forward to giving our backers something of value, that they can enjoy and experience year-round,” stated Javier Bertani, Co-Founder and Product Manager at UNIT 1.

One of the guys behind SOUNDSHIELD. Juan Garcia Mansilla: rider, designer and co-founder of UNIT 1.

“Sports enthusiasts should be able to experience music safely as they shred, ride or roll. Being able to offer people the perfect blend of design and functionality, with a product that fits both the everyday and the extreme, is something we’re hoping the Indiegogo community can really get behind,” adds Juan Garcia Mansilla, Founder and CEO for UNIT 1.

This is SOUNDSHIELD: a helmet/headphones combination that simply doesn’t exist. // photo: UNIT 1

These guys have launched their Indiegogo campaign yesterday for SOUNDSHIELD, and need your help to make this helmet possible. You can claim an early bird perk and be the first to ride with SOUNDSHIELD next season, getting over 40% off the retail and free shipping.


*All specs and technical information is detailed on their Inidegogo campaign page.

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2 thoughts on “UNIT 1’s SOUNDSHIELD | Keeping You Safe While Revolutionizing Your Action Sports Audio Experience

  1. I currently use a Bern helmet with the Outdoor Technology Chips bluetooth headphones… pretty much same thing but can’t wear the headphones without the helmet (well, I can put them in toque). Wireless controls, no need to take gloves off, etc.
    The Soundshield looks a little bulky/funny but overall still good. Would be nice if it is offered with fully built in headphones that are not removable to save weight, size, complexity. Probably better protection due to the larger side-face protection. Like my Bern, it’s nice that it doesn’t have a brim (aka powder scoop). I wonder how it rates on impact tests?
    Will have to check it out when if I ever come across one.

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