The HAVES & HAVE NOTS of Snow in South America Right Now:

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El Colorado, Chile making snow in August 2019. image: AFP/Martin Bernetti)

It’s no secret that the Central Andes of South America have been extremely dry this year.

Some media outlets are reporting that this is the driest year in the Central Andes in 60 years and that it’s only snowed 3 times this year…


The Central Andes have been in drought for the past 10 years.  

Central Andes ski resorts that are dry this year:

  • Portillo, Chile
  • Valle Nevado, Chile
  • La Parva, Chile
  • El Colorado, Chile
  • Ski Arpa, Chile (never opened this year)
  • Las Lenas, Argentina
  • Los Puquios, Argentina (closed in July for the season)
south america
Powder snow at Chapelco, Argentina in early August. image:  Chapelco

The Southern Andes are doing much better.

In general, it appears you want to get south of 36ºS latitude if you wanna slide on snow in South America right now.

south america
NASA image of South America from August 8th, 2019 (the last clear day) showing very dry mountains in the north near Santiago and very snowy mountains in the south near Bariloche.

Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina is having an above-average snow year (video below).

These Southern Andes ski resorts are doing well this year:

  • Cerro Catedral, Argentina
  • Chapelco, Argentina
  • La Hoya, Argentina
  • Cerro Bayo, Argentina
  • Cerro Castor, Argentina
  • Nevados de Chillan, Chile
  • Corralco, Chile

The Argentine peso recently lost 22% of its value – meaning that if you come here with US dollars, everything is 22% off.

The Argentine peso to US dollar was 45 to 1 when we arrived on August 1st, then on August 12th, the peso crashed to 55 to 1.

south america
1USD = 55 Argentine Pesos on 8/21/19
south america
Argentine Peso VS USD


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