South America Snow Forecast: Up to 84″ of Snow This Week

Spencer Miller | | WeatherWeather
It’s called #capitaldelpowder for a reason. Photo Courtesy of Nevados de Chillan, and Andrew Miller.

There is some good and some bad forecasted for the upcoming week for those with their boots on south of the equator.  Central Chile is looking strong, with over six feet for Corralco and Nevados de Chillan!

Corralco and Nevados de Chilán look to be the two lottery winners for this week.

Most other reports are less promising, with just under three feet heading to Cerro Cathedral (not bad), but then spotty forecasts for under a foot for the rest of the resorts.  



Nevados de Chillan, Chile = 84″ 

nevados de chilled
This looks promising!  Monster storms Wednesday through Saturday.  Photo courtesy of

Valle Nevado, Chile = 2″ 

Not much going on here… Photo courtesy of

Corralco, Chile= 74″

Should be a fun week here, also! Photo courtesy of

Las Lenas, Argentina= 13″ 

Las Lenas should see a dusting of around 1 foot scattered over the week.  Photo courtesy of

Cerro Catedral (Bariloche), Argentina=32″

Latter half of the week looks like there could be soft turns.  Photo courtesy of

Cerro Castor (Ushuaia), Argentina=11″

Keep your eyes open to see if Saturday and Sunday amount to more… Other than that, not much to be had.  Photo courtesy of

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