Businesses Overwhelmed as Holiday Crowds Flock to South Lake Tahoe, CA

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South Lake Tahoe, CA parking lots and campgrounds were packed this weekend as visitors flocked to the area to enjoy the holiday.

Two months ago businesses were struggling to stay afloat as lockdown and quarantine measures meant there were no visitors, but this weekend stores reported being ‘overwhelmed’.

The town, which has a normal population of 25k, sees that swell to 100k during holiday periods as tourists and second home-owners escape the big city. This weekend, however, was intensified due to the fact that many other areas were still closed, or have restrictions.

For many months, South Lake Tahoe did its best to stop people, especially second-home owners, from traveling to the area, even implementing $1,000 fines to those caught breaking the rules. At the beginning of May, council leaders wrote to California Governor Gavin Newsom requesting they be one of the first areas to begin lifting lockdown measures, allow local residents to go to restaurants and retail outlets. Their request was granted a week later.

El Dorado county, home to South Lake Tahoe, has had 226 confirmed coronavirus cases, and zero deaths.

A map outlining the location of El Dorado County, CA.

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One thought on “Businesses Overwhelmed as Holiday Crowds Flock to South Lake Tahoe, CA

  1. The final comment on this puff piece was total BS.
    People are coming here since the lockdown was lifted and many have no consideration for the local population and our safety. They gathered in casinos, restaurants, bars, grocery stores many without masks, and in crowded outdoor spaces. Everyone likes to talk about how they love Lake Tahoe. But they don’t love or respect our community. WE are lake Tahoe too. Now our covid stats are climbing thru the roof. Thanks a lot ! And thanks for nothing news media that sent out reports prior to the holidays about what a great place Tahoe would be to visit during this covid crisis because there was so much space here. More BS. GO HOME… we will welcome you back next year. MAYBE. : (

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