From Zero to Hero: Southern Colorado Snowpack Goes from Worst to Best in the State in 3-Months

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colorado, snowpack
Snowpack, 3 months ago and today. Credit: Chris Tomer

What a turnaround, writes meteorologist Chris Tomer. In the last 3 months, the southern Mountains have gone from the worst snowpack in Colorado to the best.

Wolf Creek Ski is reporting a 44″ storm total and a summit depth of 135″. Purgatory has a 7-day storm total of 49″, and a 90″ base.

Silverton Mountain has over 400″ for the season so far.

colorado, snowpack
Current SWE averages, with the south better than the north. Credit: NWS

Whether the south is better than the north or not, currently the entire state of Colorado has a better than average snowpack, which bodes well for the reservoirs, rivers, and wildfire risks this summer.

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