Spain Designed a Snowboard Cross Within Indoor Madrid SnowZone

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Spain has designed a Snowboard Cross within Madrid SnowZone, which is the only indoor snow station that has been operating since the middle of August. The project was promoted by the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI) with the aim of making the circuit available to regional federations and alpine clubs.

The usual thing is that at this time the members of the technical snowboarding structures in Spain should be doing their stages at a station in Argentina, but the current health emergency caused by the coronavirus prevents travel to those destinations.

Snowboard Cross, Indoor, Spain, SnowZone, Madrid
Snowboard Cross Indoor SnowZone, Madrid, Spain. Credit: Solonieve

The SBX follow-up athletes trained from August 13 to 21, developing the preparation week with the young RFEDI SBX team. Once the training period was over, an assessment of the circuit was generated to contrast the demand and the level. Based on the findings, adaptations were made to make it more affordable.

The track design allows athletes to train in one of the most technical parts of an SBX circuit.

“We also want to take advantage of Madrid’s potential in sliding facilities, pumptracks, bowls, skateparks, and training facilities gyms and acrobatics facilities to take full advantage of the snow training concentration that we will carry out in SnowZone”.

– said Alex Martin, RFEDI SnowboardCross Team technician. 

SnowZone, Snowboard Cross, Madrid, Spain
Snowboard Cross Athlete, SnowZone, Madrid, Spain. Credit: Nevasport

Madrid SnowZone will allow a very specific and quality work, not only to the RFEDI athletes but also to the federations and alpine clubs that compete in the Copa España Movistar SBX. The fast rotation allows them to optimize the training time and it can be combined with other types of activities such as technical work, free track, and air control in the Snowpark.

In short, Madrid SnowZone offers perfect characteristics for training in this modality.

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