Splitboarder Missing for 24 Hours In Tahoe Found Near Castle Peak

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castlepeakCastle Peak from I-80.

Splitboarder Missing for 24 Hours Self-Rescues

A splitboarder who had been reported missing Monday evening near Lake Tahoe has been found. Abraham Finkelstein, 25, was touring to the Peter Grubb Hut, near Castle Pass, when a storm moved through the area. The two were separated in the storm and Abraham’s father returned to the car at around 5pm. When his son didn’t show up, he notified the Sheriff’s department and search and rescue personnel. Snow totals at squaw were close to two feet on Monday, with more snow falling throughout the day and into the night.


Peter Grubb Hut in the Round Valley, North of I-80. photo Keri Oberly

Around 8pm today Abraham was able to contact family and the Sheriff’s department to let them know he was ok. Since getting lost Abraham had spent over 24 hours walking through the woods until he reached a house near Soda Springs. The house Abraham came across was 3-5 miles from Castle Pass as the crow flies, but who knows how long he spent chasing ghosts and wandering in the storm. Abraham was completely fine apart from minor frostbite.

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4 thoughts on “Splitboarder Missing for 24 Hours In Tahoe Found Near Castle Peak

  1. got lost on Mt Hood once when the fog rolled in and I was high on the glacier. lucky for me it had happened before and I had heard the story of how that party went the wrong direction and spent 4 days out there. the first call for help into the void is kinda’ scary.

    1. If he had been weak he probably couldn’t have hiked that hard. could have been a disaster.

  2. Way to self rescue dude! I have heard stories of very competent and well traveled locals spending the night outside 100 yards away front the Grubb hut in a whiteout, it can happen to anyone.

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