How To Spot a Bad Ski Partner:

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Greg Hill and his climbing partner are clearly dialed in in the Selkirks, British Columbia. photo: greg hill/national geographic

How to spot a good partner might be a better question, but there is no yin without yang.  So, hit on how to spot a bad ski or mountaineering partner.  Some good points are brought up.

“This week we sat down with four of our sponsored athletes and asked for tips to spotting a douchebag mountaineering or skiing partner. We spoke to Exum Guide Andy Tankersly, Exum Guide Garrick Hart, Arc’teryx Athlete and two-time Freeski World Tour Champion Crystal Wright, and Dynafit Athlete and US Ski Mountaineering Team Member Meredith Edwards. Below are 6 tips and some advice along with them.” –

How to Spot a Bad Mountaineering or Skiing Partner

#1 = Watch for Big Talkers

#2 = Look for Wrong/Sloppy Gear

#3 = They Don’t Work as a Team, They Don’t Communicate, or They Are Inappropriately Competitive

#4 = They Aren’t Mountain Aware

#5 = Girls Need to Be Wary of Guys

#6 = If You Aren’t Sure Don’t Risk It

For full explanations of all the above topics, please visit:

How to Spot a Bad Mountaineering or Skiing Partner

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One thought on “How To Spot a Bad Ski Partner:

  1. Good list. Here are some additional ‘rules’:

    #7: Be wary of people who self-identify as ‘ski-mountaineers’. This often means they’re good at climbing and jump turns, but aren’t great at skiing or making decisions in soft snow.

    #8: Guides and ski patrol often have more training than practical experience. Don’t be fooled unless you’re paying them $$$.

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