Squaw & Alpine Season Pass Prices GO UP After May 9th

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Squaw Valley slash Alpine Meadows season pass prices go up after May 9th, 2014.

Squaw is still offering the Gold, Silver, Bronze pass system.


Here’s how the passes, prices, and blackout dates break down:

GOLD PASS = $790, no blackout dates

SILVER PASS = $560, 9 blackout dates

BRONZE PASS = $500, 17 blackout dates

SUB-BRONZE PASS = $410, 29 blackout dates

To pick up your pass, click on the link below:

Squaw/Alpine Season Passes


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4 thoughts on “Squaw & Alpine Season Pass Prices GO UP After May 9th

  1. Beatches are desperate for ca$h money. Only ski area I know who has to resort to such lame tactics for motivate customers to spend.
    They know we’ll spend, it’s just they need the $$ to pay their final payroll taxes.
    Already went up to $809 BFD.

    1. I agree. it’s a tactic to raise some money this time of year. anyone really know if they will go up?

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