Squaw Conditions Report: Skiing in the Rain

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Shirley Lake, almost powder...
Shirley Lake, almost powder…

Over the last few days Tahoe finally received some precipitation as the “Atmospheric River” slammed into California. As Storm Super Soaker 15′ hit Tahoe on Friday, it began with high winds, power outages, and rock slides, followed by rain, lots and lots of rain. Friday night did see snow up high with Squaw reporting 15″, unfortunately however it got warm and started raining again, not before we got to enjoy skiing off-piste in the new soft snow, skiing off-piste in February, what a concept. The soft snow was short lived however, as today it rained all the way to the top of the mountain. High winds shut down Siberia, and Shirley Lake by noon, and Gold Coast was running at half speed. The skiing was wet and soupy, fun, but wet.

Wet and windy
Wet and windy

The last push in the storm comes in tonight, and looks to be colder, with 4-8 inches possible above 7000 feet. This snow, on top of the mank up high already could make for some fun skiing over the next couple of days. It’s been nice to finally see something falling from the sky in Tahoe, while it is rain for the most part its desperately needed and welcomed.

The Good

  • There is new snow up high
  • Skiing off-piste

The Bad

  • It rained a lot down low
Pretty bare down low
Pretty bare down low
Mountain Run is now for Experts only
Mountain Run is now for Experts only




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3 thoughts on “Squaw Conditions Report: Skiing in the Rain

  1. Shouldnt have screwed locals like long time owners of Squaw Valley Sport Shop, Granite Chief, Taits boardshop and Blue coyote. Karma? hmmmm,,,,,

  2. Tahoe has been dry for 4 yrs then when they actually get some precip it rains? Talk about some bad luck. Hey, it’s raining up here too in the PNW.

  3. I think the employee measuring the snow totals grabbed the metric ruler instead of the english again and reported 15cm as 15″

    Nice one Squaw, everyone else reported 10″ or less including sugarbowl.

    Maybe these past winters and current warm storm events will get KSL to re-evaluate their development plans.

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