Squaw Conditions Update: Will they have enough snow to open in 12 days?

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squaw valley High Campe snow conditions report
Not a whole lot of snow at 8200′ for Squaw. The view from High Camp

Squaw’s opening day is now just 12 days out, but by the looks of things its going to take a miracle to make that happen.  While up north the Pacific North West continues to get pummeled, we in California continue to wait patiently.  Over the past few days temperatures have hardly been low enough to make snow.  This raises the question: Will Squaw be ready to open in by November 27th?

Squaw weather forecast
With forecasts like these, things aren’t looking too promising for Squaw

We have been plagued with the perpetual “Next Week” problem, with forecasters promising snow at the end of next week, every week, only to have the storm break off and head north.  While Tahoe did see some brief tastes of winter a couple weeks ago, things have since been dry and generally to warm to make snow.  And for this week Squaw’s only hope of a little weather is a chance of rain showers in the Valley, with a dusting up high.

squaw valley red dog snow conditions report
Looking up Red Dog at Squaw Valley

In past years, Squaw has offered up some early season man made snow sliding on Red Dog and Squaw Creek, but as of today there is little to no snow on the face of Red Dog.  Without a miracle dump (which can and does happen in Tahoe), things are not looking great for opening by November 27th.

squaw valley lower exibition snow conditions report
Lower Exi, aka Julia’s Gold

Even Julia’s Gold has no snow on it at the moment.

squaw valley tower 16 snow conditions report
Looking up towards Tower 16

The Tahoe community needs to band together, burn some old skis, do some snow dancing, and pay tribute to the Snow Gods because at this moment, things are not looking great for the Tahoe area.  Pray for pow.

squaw valley tram face snow conditions report
Tram Face, devoid of snow

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9 thoughts on “Squaw Conditions Update: Will they have enough snow to open in 12 days?

  1. Squaw used to laugh at Eastern areas using snowmaking.

    Maybe after their holiday season last year and perhaps this year
    they’d make better use of their money doing snowmaking Top to Bottom!
    That’s in place of building Condo City in the parking lot.

  2. If it’s Karma we should have a great season, Wirthless already broke his arms. I’ve seen him try and ski, he sucks so he will probably continue to manifests his karma in the form of injuries while we rip pow, and sick CORN.

  3. Cutting of the trees in front of Dave’s Deli in spring ’11 was the beginning of the dry spell for next couple of seasons, still looks like more. What next, a hideous, monstrosity of a pos faux euro village that will deplete more resources and fail economically as well as pissing off most locals and day use skiers while trying to cater to gapers who couldn’t even get down shirley in a good year.

    Yep, Karma, hows those broken arms healing up Andy? Get well soon, smootches.

  4. It would be strange if we did have snow in a normal year in Tahoe. It normally doesn’t kick in until December’ then we go from nothing to the 2nd biggest snow pack in the country (Pacific Northwest)

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