VIDEO: Spectacular 2017 Recap from Squaw Valley Local and Snowledge Athlete Brandon Craddock

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Squaw local, Snowledge athlete, and SnowBrains buddy Brandon Craddock dropped his 2017 season recap edit on his birthday. A present from him to you!

“24 was one of the most spectacular, yet weirdest years of my life! I am really excited to put out my 17′ season edit! I looked and tried to find some really unique features that come out when Tahoe gets hammered like we did last year. Some of these lines, such as the pillow to tree tap, I had been looking at for since I was in High School. It was super rewarding to be able to ski and close out some of those shots. Cruising around North America competing in the Freeride World Qualifier series was more enjoyable than it had ever been. But that was really due to being out in the mountains playing with my friends. So throwing in a few shots of those guys is the best part of this edit in my eyes. Having them being in there felt only right. It’s not just my GoPro and me out in the mountains, there’s always at least one of my buddies out there with me, cheering me on. Shoutout to the companies that keep me stoked: Descente Swany Gloves Zeal Optics Snowledge. Thanks to Riley Bathurst for chopping up the shots and putting them together!! Featured friendly rippers include: Connery Lundin Aaron Fox Eric Lee O’Brien Eric Bryant.”

Squaw boy Brandon Craddock. Credit: snowledge

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