Squaw to Open Top to Bottom on Wednesday! | Photo Tour Today

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Fresh Tracks
Poacher fresh tracks on East Face of KT-22 today.

***Update 12/10/13 at 4:30pm:  Squaw opened the Mountain Run today.  A patroller told us today that they will NOT be opening Siberia tomorrow.  Thus, by saying “top to bottom” Squaw considered that Gold Coast and Mountain Run.  We’ll let you know if/when they plan on getting Siberia open.


Squaw Valley announced today that they will be opening top to bottom on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013.

Opening top to bottom this Wed Dec 11 – Squaw Valley twitter

lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe mist yesterday morning at 9am

Wer’re hoping Squaw will be opening the Siberia Chair and the 3.2-mile Mountain Run to achieve this top to bottom status.  This will be a huge improvement at Squaw.  Right now, to get up to Gold Coast you have to ride the Funitel up and the Funitel down.  Starting Wednesday we’ll all be able to ski to get down the mountain.

Red Dog snowmaking to the face today.

The skiing at Squaw was fun today.  We skied laps on Red Dog and Squaw Creek and both runs were skiing well.  There’s even a spot at the bottom of Red Dog where you can ski off the run in soft, powderyish moguls.  There was no one out today and it wasn’t as cold as it has been.  Starting at about 10:30am, the sun rose high enough to transfer some quality warmth right onto your person as you were riding up the chair.

squaw valley
Headwall looking good today.

Someone poached 3 beautiful laps on the East Face of KT-22 and it looked deep and blower.  The guy that did it risked getting in an avalanche as that East Face is right around the optimal avalanche angle (about 38 degrees) and there are multiple weak layer in our snowpack right now (2 snowboarders poached a run at Mammoth yesterday and released a decent sized avalanche, see photo below).

Out of bounds avalanche at Mammoth yesterday triggered by poachers.


Nothing in the forecast for next 10 days...
Nothing in the forecast for next 10 days…


Misty mountain hop yesterday in Squaw


KT-22 today.

Headwall squawKT and Sun Bowl and The Slot  and Headwall Face looking good today.

Squaw Creek chair opened yesterday.
squaw snowmaking
Snowmaking to the face on Red Dog this am.
red dog
Pretty snowmaking on Red Dog today
Lower Red Dog groomer was fun today.
squaw valley
Sparkly Funitel today

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5 thoughts on “Squaw to Open Top to Bottom on Wednesday! | Photo Tour Today

    1. Craig, we thought that’s what they meant by “top to bottom” but we talked to patrol today and they said Siberia will not open tomorrow. Sorry to have gotten hopes up. Hopefully soon, tho.

  1. Shall we get out the big boy boards and celebrate by opening the day w/ 1st of the year Chinese Downhill? C’mon y’all, who’s in? Got an older pair of 218 head DH boards ready to go. Any takers? Sure mgmt won’t mind at all,,,,,esp when we plan it in the open on social sites like this.
    Good news and seems like Squaw is figuring it out.
    Next we need a serious pray for snow party, or at least Squaw needs to schedule a decent race soon, that’ll surely make it snow.

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