Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Incredible Sneaker Powder Day with Lots Open

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Today was forecast to be a storm day but the sun was out quite a bit in the morning.

After a handful of runs, the storm came back with a vengeance.   Heavy snow, strong wind, low visibility, and great snow conditions.

Jamie Blair on KT-22 today. photo: snowbrains

Squaw reported 2-6″ of snow overnight but it skied a lot deeper than that.  We hit bottom very rarely on KT-22 in the morning.  We didn’t hit bottom at all up top.  The Fingers were good if you hit them when the light was on ’em.  It snowed 3″ in the parking lot between 9am and 2:30pm.

After some great laps on KT in the am, we headed up the Funitel and hiked up Broken Arrow and it was delightful.  V-Rock was $$$.

No takers on Eagles Nest today. Tomorrow? photo: snowbrains

After one on Broken Arrow we ran back up and found Granite Chief open.  Granite held excellent snow.  Corkscrew was great.  Triple Goat (or what’s left of it…) was killer.

After 3 on Granites we did a lower reverse traverse and got into CII bowl where the skiing was great but we couldn’t see a thing.

Broken Arrow today. photo: snowbrains

One more Broken Arrow lap and we called it at 2:09pm.

Today was simply unreal.

No crowds or lines anywhere on the mountain.

Honestly, the snow definitely seemed like 8-12″ all over the mountain.  Dense, but great snow.  South facing aspects were a little weird, but not bad.

What wasn’t skied today:

  • Headwall
  • Silverado
  • Palisades
Our boy Alden laying it out today! photo: snowbrains


image: squaw, today


Forecast for Squaw’s base. image: noaa, today


Jamie Blair on KT-22 today. photo: snowbrains
Miles backflip today. photo: jamie blair
Looking down into V-Rock today. photo: snowbrains

Snowing hard on Shirley today. photo: snowbrains

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