Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Late Openings, Parties, Pond Crossings, Extreme Skiing, & Park Nastiness…

Miles Clark |

Squaw Valley, CA has been skiing great this Spring.

KT-22 closed on May 6th so we’re focused on the upper mountain via Siberia, Gold Coast, Shirley Lake and it’s been good.

KT-22 at 6pm on May 6th, 2018. photo: snowbrains

The KT-22 closing party and ski until 6pm on May 6th was crazy fun…

The terrain park is still great and patrol is still letting us ski the Reverse Traverse to The Slot, Headwall Face, Hogsback, and CII Bowl.

The Andy Hays crushing the Rainbow Rail at Squaw today. image: snowbrains

It’s been in the 60s and dreamy most days this month.

The past week was marked by great park sessions, fun groomers, and top notch adventure skiing in the Headwall zone.

Squaw will be open daily until Memorial Day (May 28th).


Fierce apres ski with Team City. Noonan – front with spoon – successfully crossed Cushing Pond just before this photo.  photo: snowbrains
A proud moment on KT. photo: snowbrains
Miles in the sky last week. image: aaron fox
Pete loving the Palisades last week. image: snowbrains
Squaw from the gold course today. image: snowbrains
Dobbs up top the Palisades with Lake Tahoe last week. image: snowbrains
The Mountain Run is closed for the season – sort of… image: snowbrains
The Mainline Park at Squaw. photo: snowbrains
KT-22 burger party at 6pm on May 6th. photo: snowbrains
The Squaw meadows have so many frogs. This is right outside my door and the frogs produce a beautiful cacophony in the evenings. photo: snowbrains
No bueno… Jed no le gusta. photo: snowbrains
The Palisades and Sibera today. image: snowbrains

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