Squaw Valley, CA Conditions Report: Palisades Powder Day Dream

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Yesterday was another amazing early season day at Squaw Valley ski resort in California with powder in the Palisades and chowder all over the upper mountain. 

Yesterday followed up Monday’s incredible powder day extremely well.

Right off the bat, patrol opened the Palisades and we charged up there as fast as we could.

Squaw Valley yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Once up top, Patrol started dropping closed signs and they let us into Main Chute, Extra Chute (for 1 run), National, and more.

Extra Chute was spicy and delicious.  I’ve never seen patrol open it up in such exciting conditions.  Patrol managed it perfectly letting proven riders hit it once, then shutting it down once it was tracked.  This is the way Squaw Patrol generally handles openings of The Chimney.

I can’t thank Patrol enough for yesterday and Monday.  A+ terrain management and professionalism.  I really don’t know if there’s a better Patrol team out there.  Thanks again, Squaw Patrol!

Unknown skier in National yesterday. photo: snowbrains

After Extra Chute, we dropped into Main Chute which is also spicy right now especially when remembering the huge wide open bowl it became during last season’s 728-inches of snowfall.

After Extra Chute, we had a hike up Mainline Pocket which was still holding pockets of powder.  The boys went big off Far Right Rock and a couple guys threw 360ºs (see video).

The boys about to drop Far Right Rock off Mainline Pocket yesterday. photo: snowbrains

After Mainline, we hit The Funnel off the Emigrant chair and it delivered high quality, fun, steep skiing down into a big bowl of chowder.

The Reverse Traverse to Headwall face was open and still skiing very well all day.

The upper mountain at Squaw is filled in nicely and holding at an excellent snow depth that allows for skiing and riding everywhere but isn’t so deep that it has buried the incredible terrain features up there.

Shirley Lake groomer skiing great yesterday. photo: snowbrains

This current snow depth at Squaw is right about perfect, if you ask me.  Tons of fun features are just waiting to be hit everywhere.

Squaw is very feature-full right now!

There was no one out yesterday.

Groomers stayed good all day since so few were out skiing them.  Shirley Lake groomer was great.

Extra Chute yesterday. photo: snowbrains

Lifts Open Yesterday:

  • Siberia
  • Shirley Lake
  • Gold Coast
  • Funitel 

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a decent amount of snow from the little storm forecast to hit Squaw this weekend.

Granite Chief Peak looks A+ right now… photo: snowbrains


Squaw snow number today. image: squaw


Forecast for base of Squaw. image: noaa, today


The Palisdes yesterday. photo: snowbrains
Rock pile looking very cool yesterday. photo: snowbrains
The Chimney on the Palisades isn’t quite ready for action… photo: snowbrains
Granite Chief zone looking feature-full. photo: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe yesterday afternoon with Canadians…. photo: snowbrains

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