Squaw Valley, CA is Considering Staying Open All Spring, Summer, and Fall… | The 2016/17/18 Season…

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Hear it from Squaw Valley CEO/President Andy Wirth above (skip to the 4-minute mark).

Squaw Valley ski resort in California has so much snow that they are considering staying open all spring, summer, and fall right into the start of next season…

“I’m actually considering staying open through the summer and fall so it becomes the 16/17/18 season.  We’re taking a hard look at that.  Maybe we spin Shirley through the summer.  There’s so much snow up there.”

“We think it’d be a cool thing if people uploaded on the tram and likely hiked up a couple of hundred meters and dropped Shirley.” – Andy Wirth, CEO/President of Squaw Valley

KT-22 on March 7th, 2017. photo: snowbrains

Would Squaw be open daily all summer?  Weekends only?  We aren’t sure yet and we aren’t sure if they’ll actually pull the trigger on this, but it sure would be cool if they did…

Squaw Valley has already seen over 700″ of snowfall this winter season.

Northern California just broke its all time wettest year on record this week.

Squaw (KSL) just teamed up with Aspen Skiing Company and bought Mammoth CA, Steamboat Springs CO, Winter Park CO, Bear Mt CA, Snow Summit CA, June Mt CA, and more…  

You can expect Aspen and Squaw to offer some sort of “Epic Pass” that will cover all those resorts plus Aspen, Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, Squaw, and Alpine in the near future…


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15 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA is Considering Staying Open All Spring, Summer, and Fall… | The 2016/17/18 Season…

  1. Why is everyone so mad?? Please stay open . It would be fun. I’d buy my season pass now and so will my buddies. Stop being so rude and chastising when no kne needs to hear your akateboard trash. I skate and snowboard and you sound like a baby.

  2. Learn how to skateboard you losers. Then you’ll be free to board / ride all year long. Then you won’t be such drooling puppets in the palms of the Capitalist resort pimps like A.W. (Duh).

  3. Mammoth Maybe Squaw to Low of elevation
    …. 330inches at top of mammoth Still . 190 at base maybe ?

  4. Climate change… Right guys? I mean, will kids ever know what snow is if ski resorts in CALIFORNIA stay open year round.

    Keep parroting the MSM line… You do a great job everywhere else.

  5. Dear Andy, I would like to make a bet.? I bet you don’t stay open past the 4th of July. It’s not in the corporate play book. It is all marketing B.S. It’s all about the profit of skiing. How about make up days like when we were in school for all the days Squaw was closed this winter. That’s like 30 extra days that you closed during the 2017 winter season. I know Mega Ski Corp. is all about greed and the money but, We the Skiers see your greed, and corporate lies, and have had enough. You Andy, are “Guilty Of Killing the Soul Of Skiing… all for the profit of your share holders.”

  6. Sept and Oct are the two months I haven’t skied before. I would fly into Squaw to ski a couple days each of those months. I say do it!

    1. reminds me of when the CEO of killington , preston smith , wanted the longest ski season in the east prestige . The same fifty of us would be skiing the same run on weekends till black fly season in mid june.

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