Squaw Valley, CA Report: 12″ of Snowfall in 6-Hours…

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Jamie Blair in deep. image: snowbrains

Report from January 16th, 2019

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The big forecast storm was delayed today.

It didn’t start snowing until 10am.

So we waited.

At 1pm, we rolled up to KT-22 and it was snowing heavily.

Our first run was a bit scratchy.

Every run was better than the run before.

Jamie rudely spraying helpless trees. image: snowbrains

By the end of the day, we were powder skiing.

It must have snowed a foot or more on KT between noon and 4pm…

There are still large lumps of ice lurking out there, so we didn’t go too wild, but you certainly could let it loose in spots.

Jamie Blair finds his way thru the forests of KT-22. image: snowbrains

KT-22 is simply a dream.

KT-22 is the best chairlift in North America.

We skied until 4:08pm and didn’t wanna leave.

Beard-cicle dominance. image: snowbrains

Lift lines were never more than 5-minutes today.

Tomorrow will be an amazing day, but you’ll still want to be careful about the ice that will still be out there in spots.

Today was a phenomenally fun day.

Today felt like the old days.


image: squaw, 1/16/20


image: squaw, 1/16/20


Walking up to KT today, we knew it was gonna be a good day. image: snowbrains
The Fingers. image: snowbrains


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