Squaw Valley, CA Report: 20″ in 2-Days, The Fingers, Backflips, 360s

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Report from March 10, 2021

Yesterday, I woke up at 3:15am, drove to the Ruby Mountains, NV, skied the wild walled Terminal Cancer Couloir, drove to Squaw Valley, CA, skied a few laps on KT, and did a 24-hour fast (maybe that last part wasn’t the smartest idea for that day…).

I came here for the storm and the storm over-delivered.

Squaw got 10″ of new snow on Monday night then another 10″ last night.

The Fingers today. image: snowbrains

We showed up early today and got the 2nd chair on KT-22 then the 1st chair on Headwall.

Both runs were fun, but you could still hit the firm bottom layer occasionally and the visibility was low.

After 2 laps on Headwall we rolled back down to KT and the sun came out.

Jamie Blair #1. image: snowbrains

Lines were small and short with none over 5-minutes.

We skied lap after lap and the more the snow got chopped up, the better it skied…

KT Cheryl told me in the morning that that was how it was yesterday and she was dead on with that again today.

Jamie Blair #2. image: snowbrains

Once our confidence in the conditions rose to an acceptable level, we started having way too much fun.

KT was good everywhere and I even skied a couple runs I haven’t skied for years and years.

We ended up doing laps in The Fingers and I was honored to get to ski the Main Air Double.

Jamie Blair #3. image: snowbrains

After that, we started hitting the natural slopestyle course where tricksters were lining up to huck, trick, crash, stomp, laugh, and encourage each other.

Everyone at Squaw is good…

The weather was all over the place with dumping snow, bright sunshine, stiff wind, and just about everything else except heat which kept the snow great all day.

Jamie Blair #4. image: snowbrains

Today was one of my top 3 days of the season so far.

I just had so much damn fun today.

I was high on skiing and talking a mile a minute every chair ride.

Whatta day!

Jamie Blair #5. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: squaw alpine, 3/10/21


image: noaa, 3/10/21


Jamie Blair #6. image: snowbrains
Jamie Blair #7. image: snowbrains
Jamie Blair #8. image: snowbrains
Jamie Blair #9. image: snowbrains
Jamie Blair #102. image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe today. image: snowbrains

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