Squaw Valley, CA Report: Big Air Fun On A Mid-Winter Powder Day In Late May!

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Report from May 19th, 2019

Squaw Valley, CA was absolutely firing today after 5″ of new snow overnight and 21″ of new snow in the past 4 days.

We started the day on KT-22 and the snow was excellent.

Our confidence in the snow was high enough to warrant skiing at full speed, jumping, and charging around as if it was a mid-winter powder day.

Ryan Faye spinning off of Tombstone. image: Nate Kushlan

After 3 KTs, we zipped up to Granite Chief and it was full on winter up there:  cold air and deep, cold snow.

Corkscrew was 

Miles in a tight spot. photo: Jason Dobbs

I’d been eyeing a line called Chamber Cliff all season and hadn’t found the right day to hit it.

Today, May 19th, most certainly wasn’t the “right day” but I thought I’d give it a go anyway.

A sort of sayonara to winter.

Red Dog today. image: snowbrains

I went for it and it was a terrific rush and on helluva respectable impact.

I came out with a smile and we headed back to the front side for a quick backflip off the Siberia Ridge before heading down to Granite for a couple more cliff hucks before heading home at about 1pm.

Today was…  it was stunning.

Miles slipping off Tombstone. image: Connery Lundin

Stunning in that it was impossible to believe it wasn’t a February or March powder day on a weekend with no one around.

I had two longtime Squaw Valley Pro Patrollers tell me that they thought this was the best season in Squaw ever.

I may have enticed them to say it, but I’ll take it just the same.

I personally think this is the best season in Squaw ever.

Alex K ripping in Headwall. image: Jason Dobbs


image: squaw, 5/20/10


image: noaa, 5/20/19


Lower mountain trees buried in snow. image: snowbrains
Tram Rock. image: snowbrains
Granite Chief. image: snowbrains
Miles slipping off Tombstone. image: Nate Kushlan
KT-22 & The Fingers. image: snowbrains

Granite Chief trees. image: snowbrains

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