Squaw Valley, CA Report: Featured, Fun, 12″ Powder Day

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Ollie diggin’ in. image: snowbrains

Report from December 23rd, 2019

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This morning, Squaw reported 5″ of new snow overnight and 12″ of snow in the past 24-hours.

We lined up for KT-22.

The first run was fun, powdery, with some scratchy spots.

Fox boost. image: snowbrains

Headwall opened (for the first time this year?) and it was powdery and fun.

Granite Chief was excellent and the deepest snow we skied today.

Corkscrew off Granite was crazy fun.

Jamie against the rock. image: snowbrains

Spiney, pillowy, steep, flowy.

After a couple of killer runs we hit Tower 16 to back to KT.

Waterfall off Tower 16 was creamy, steep, and a blast.

KT-22 leftovers were solid.

We did lap after lap on KT east and didn’t get tired of it.

Places that we’re used to being flat have huge features right now.

Jamie slide. image: snowbrains

The KT chair is fast.

You don’t get much rest.

You get 1,880-vertical-feet per run.

There was no line.

Lake Tahoe mist. image: snowbrains

We were tired by 2pm and called it.

Today was a fantastic day.

Mini-shred. image: snowbrains


image: squaw, 12/23/19


image: noaa, 12/23/19


The best tree at Squaw. image: snowbrains
Tram face. image: snowbrains
KT-22. image: snowbrains
Fire Engine Xmas. image: snowbrains
Granite Chief trees. image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe. image: snowbrains
Lake Tahoe mist. image: snowbrains
Granite trees. image: snowbrains
Powder morning. image: snowbrains
KT-22. image: snowbrains
SANTA! image: snowbrains

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