Squaw Valley, CA Report: Mainlining Backflips, Powder, Boxes, Airs, & Ice

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Report from January 25, 2021

Yesterday was an 8″ powder day at Squaw Valley, CA.

There was certainly firm snow/ice underneath that new snow.

My first run was on KT-22 and I could feel the bottom almost every turn but it was still fun.

Siberia. image: snowbrains

I then headed up to Siberia and didn’t feel the bottom much and even jumped around a bit.

After Sibo I gave the Headwall zone a go and it was great where it was lower angle and rough in the steeper spots.

I then met up with my buddy Bevan and we simply started having a ball.

RIP Joe Zuiches. Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains

We hit Solitude and tried a little cliff huck and got smashed as the ice underneath was more prevalent than I anticipated…

Then a hike up Mainline Pocket where we dropped a little cliff to very firm snow and a soft buttery run out.

Standing under mainline we decided to go through the park before making our next decision.

Headwall. image: snowbrains

The landing of the park jump was something I’d never experienced…

Soft, packed powder that gave way a bit upon landing – delightful.

We we’re amped and decided we’d go back and try tandem backflips despite being on our big powder skis.

Siberia. image: snowbrains

The backflips were hilarious and fun so we had to do another set.

After the 2nd round, we were satisfied but decided to go through the park one more time…

Of course, we ended up flipping together once more, then we were truly were satisfied.

Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains

Laughing and high fiving, we cruised down to KT for one more run to make double sure the skiing was still rough down there.

It still was and we headed home happy.

A raucous and very fun day at Squaw Valley.

This place is special.

Oh, and it might snow about 100″ in the coming days…

Mainline Pocket. Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: squaw alpine, 1/26/21


image: noaa, 1/26/21


RIP Joe Zuiches. Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains
Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains
KT-22. image: snowbrains
Squaw Valley. image: snowbrains

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