Squaw Valley, CA Report: Springtime Corn Snow, Slush and Sunshine

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Skier shredding Chute 75 in the afternoon at Squaw Valley, CA. Image: Galen Carrico

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Report from Saturday, March 27, 2021 

After receiving reportedly more than four feet of snow in March, high pressure has arrived at Squaw Valley, CA, bringing out the sun in full force.

The temperatures were ideal for Spring and there was no noticeable wind. 

I only wore a T-shirt under my soft-shell jacket and other skiers and riders opted for less clothing and seemed comfortable. 

Paul riding down Sun Bowl with Lake Tahoe in the background. Image: Galen Carrico

Coverage is still great on the upper mountain (there is an over 100″ inch base) while Spring has started to reveal obstacles lower down.

Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (SVAM) has received approximately 4″ inches of snow in the last seven days but high pressure looks to be in the future as well. 

I met some friends at Gold Coast after some morning laps to have a cool beverage in the sun.

Paul feeling it down Siberia. Image: Galen Carrico

One of the guys was spending his first day at Squaw and he was blown away by the terrain and the views.

Skiers on Headwall. Image: Galen Carrico

We lapped Siberia and Headwall and the sun had softened everything to corn or slush as the day progressed.

The guys called it a day to go root for Oral Roberts (one of them was an alum) against Arkansas in the Sweet 16. 

I took a few laps on KT down Chute 75 just before 3pm and conditions had lined up perfectly. 

The Fingers looking gnarly. Image: Galen Carrico
A family of four shredding Chute 75. Image: Galen Carrico

My legs were screaming after a couple of steeper runs down the chute and I was feeling hot and thirsty.

More high pressure is in the forecast at the Spring Skiing Capital so get out there and enjoy the corn and goggle tans. 

Snow Numbers:

Credit: Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (SVAM)
Credit: NRCS


Credit: SVAM
Credit: NOAA.gov


Young gun in Chute 75. Image: Galen Carrico
Riding the Sierra wave. Image: Galen Carrico

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2 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA Report: Springtime Corn Snow, Slush and Sunshine

  1. Bwahahah
    Mbe you shoulda stayed on Headwall lift then and not skied KT
    Cmon now uncrowded days like today rule better than most of any othres, oh and id spring condions mean Chute 75 opens late afternoon due to wind and sun angle then ol skool local Squally skiers usually find excellent conditions skiing the 3P’s, that is the Peak as in Granite Chief was excellent, then mainline Pocket, excellent again, and the the Palisades topped off with a tower 16/waterfall run to th Mothership to crush laps till the bell.
    Sheesh thought you rad ski blogger types kno this. Er mbe not so mbe better ski Alpine smooth Meadows instead yo.

    1. Thanks for reading and for the heads up on the 3P’s. Let’s test out your legs of steel on some of the steeps at Alpine sometime, Ol Skool.

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