Squaw Valley, CA Ski Patroller Loses Her Tragic Battle with Rare Brain Cancer

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In November 2018, less than a year ago, Squaw Valley ski patroller Amy Holland suddenly collapsed at home. She was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma.

A GoFundMe was immediately set up to help the extremely well-liked and popular member of the community to help her and her family battle the disease, but sadly, that battle came to an end this week.

A beautiful woman an awesome ski instructor. An excellent ski patroller. The epitome of passion for life. Amy, may you RIP – Facebook post

Squaw Valley, california, patroller, cancer, Amy Holland
Amy Holland, 1975-2019

The huge outpouring on social media pays testament to the woman she was, with messages from family, friends, colleagues, and the ski patrol community.

There are two specific memories I will always hold close, Amy.
Crawling, literally, across the Roof on our bellies like lizards – working our way up to tie in with Scotty on what was the windiest, coldest and blustery day in my Ski Patrol career. We were fighting for grip on a complete ice rink, going uphill, in 85+ mph sustained wind. It was a moment where I let the fear sink in. You were first to Scotty and I arrived shortly after. You knew immediately that I was struggling and in the midst of the chaos, you gently, calmly and sincerely asked if I was ok. Both hands frozen solid, I said “no.” You looked at me calmly and said – “we’re all good, let’s just pause a minute and warm up.” You were so calm, sincere, warm, understanding, nurturing, and STRONG! In was in that moment that I saw your strength and confidence, and I was in complete awe and appreciation.
I’ll always hold close when we got “lost” while shooting Paulsens East. 3 shots in and you were leading. Standing in waist deep snow, you turned to me and said, “I’m not sure why I’m leading this. I have no idea where I’m going. Do you?” We laughed in yet another relatively heightened moment and stood in the woods, marveling at how special of a job we have. Your humility and lack of ego were unparalleled. .
You will never, ever be forgotten Amy. Thank you for the lessons you taught me. Thank you for coming into my life. You will be forever loved and missed from me and you SVSP family. .
Rest In Peace, my friend.


Our thoughts are with her family right now. RIP Amy…

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2 thoughts on “Squaw Valley, CA Ski Patroller Loses Her Tragic Battle with Rare Brain Cancer

  1. What a gal, she sounded as beautiful as she looked. Heavens a little brighter place, and for absolute sure we loose a bright sparkle here on earth.

  2. Touching comments, made me remember my days of patrolling at Mt. Spokane and Crystal Mt. Molly is sure to find fresh snow and sunshine with other ski angels up above.

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