Squaw Valley Comes Out as Against the Creation of Olympic (Squaw) Valley as a City | Squaw’s CEO’s Letter:

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andy wirth
Squaw Valley CEO and president Andy Wirth

Squaw Valley has officially come out against the creation of Olympic (Squaw) Valley as a city.  Specifically, they want Squaw Valley ski resort to be excluded from the newly incorporated city if it should become a reality.

Andy stating that Squaw would like to be left out of newly incorporated city of Olympic Valley
Andy Wirth stating that Squaw would like to be left out of newly incorporated city of Olympic Valley

Squaw Valley’s CEO and President Andy Wirth wrote a letter to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) on April 7th, 2014 about the formation of Olympic (Squaw) Valley as a city.  Andy wrote the letter in an apparent attempt to shed light on the non-beneficial aspects of making Olympic Valley into a city.  Squaw Valley ski resort is opposed to the formation of Olympic Valley as a city for the reasons cited in Andy’s letter.

Another excerpt from Andy's letter.
Excerpt from Andy’s letter.

Persons supportive of the incorporation of Olympic Valley have stated that this letter by Andy to the LAFCO contains false information.  

incorporate olympic valley
Incorporate Olympic Valley . com

Squaw Valley ski resort would be inside of the proposed new city of Olympic Valley.  Squaw would be the new city’s biggest employer (2,000 employees), its biggest landowner (2,300 acres or 40% of the new city), a source of $1 million in property tax revenue per year, a collector of $1.3 million in sales tax per year, a collector of $700,000 in transient occupant tax per year, the recipient of over 350,000 guests per year, and the aquifer that supplies water to all of Squaw Valley’s residents is largely located beneath Squaw Valley ski resort’s land.

One excerpt from Andy's letter
Excerpt from Andy’s letter

Please read the letter Andy Wrote to the LAFCO:


Maps of the proposed city boundaries included in above link

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11 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Comes Out as Against the Creation of Olympic (Squaw) Valley as a City | Squaw’s CEO’s Letter:

  1. Andy H.

    With respect to the IOV people, they let the moderator get away without extracting answers. “Ask Mike, He’s the Man” is not an answer!

    In sum, they either get heavy hitters to ‘cross examiine’ KSL or a dentist to pull facts out of KSL like teeth. Better still, they should obtain their own facts rather than trusting others.

    Are IOV up to the task? Not in my view they’re not. Turf the light weights from the Board I say and find go getters.

    Carpe diem.

  2. “…they have presented very little information as to the financial viability of a new city, and have disclosed none of the unintended consequences that will flow from incorporation that have not been well thought out…”

    Hmmm….sounds kind of like the village plan doesn’t it.

  3. Does not surprise me that one person and company that stand lose the most is in discord. Aah my violin plays for you ohhh. Incorporate Squaw and make KSL operate more within a reasonable relm of of preserving the valley. Building more village is Not St all cohesive with the valleys infastucture. By incorporating Squaw KSL would Have to be more responsible with its neighbors and not run around Placer county like they are Amuck. I am sorry Mr. Wirth feels this way perhaps, it’s his and his fellows(the upper tier) as reffered to by lower rungs of the KSL ladder, feeling severe loss in salary or perhaps feeling pressure of being let go for giving his company what he promised but can’t come through on? Let’s not forget their primary Primary purpose is to make a Canadian yes Canadian teachers pension fund look good on books and paper while sucking fat salaries off them. It’s aplorable to think they have any concern other than pocket book here.

    1. 1. What on earth are you actually trying to say?

      2. I think you’re saying that we should preserve Olympic Valley as a small town. If that is what you’re getting at, that’s a very nice idea but unrealistic to say the least. The area is growing whether we like it or not. Incorporating Olympic Valley will only set us back to the start in developing a public services system, making growth even more difficult. It would be much more beneficial to work with the system in place in order to cope.

      3. What do you have against Canadians?

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