Squaw Valley Conditions Report: 16″ of New Snow & Two Lifts

Miles Clark | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Broken Arrow looking cool today.
Broken Arrow’s V-Rock looking cool today.

Squaw Valley ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA received 16″ of new snow overnight on the upper mountain.  The Gold Coast and Shirley Lake lifts opened right away while Siberia had some mechanical issues and is still closed, but they are hoping to open it around 1pm.

Tram Face at 11:30am today.
Tram Face at 11:30am today.

The new snow was good and dense.  Great base building snow.  Still very boney out there, so be careful.  Up high it was foggy with low visibility.  Lower down it was flat light but not foggy.  Cloudy overall.

Foggy up top on Gold Coast.
Foggy up top on Gold Coast.

Laps on Shirley were fun and fast in the morning before lines got long.  As of 10:00am both the Shirely and Gold Coast lines were quite long as there is no where else to go.

Looking up at KT-22 from the bottom.
Looking up at KT-22 from the bottom.

Again, hopefully Siberia can open up this afternoon and spread things out a touch.

Squaw may be able to get a bit more open tomorrow but for sure will have Gold Coast, Big Blue, Shirley Lake, and Siberia open.  

Shirley Lake zone today.
Shirley Lake zone today.

Alpine Meadows is hoping to get Summit Chair and Roundhouse open.  

Tomorrow will be busy at both places so don’t forget to smile, expect a bit of a crowd, and enjoy the pow.

Broken Arrow still looking thin today.
Broken Arrow still looking thin today.

Squaw Snow Totals:

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 12.15.11 PM

Squaw Forecast:

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 12.14.46 PM


Looking up at Red Dog today.  We need a bit more snow before we can get this open.
Looking up at Red Dog today. We need a bit more snow before we can get this open.
Shirley Chutes today.
Shirley Chutes today.
Powder in Shirley Trees.
Powder in Shirley Trees.

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3 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Conditions Report: 16″ of New Snow & Two Lifts

  1. I had a great weekend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I went to Sugarbowl on Sat. Thank you Mr. Wirth for providing us the opportunity on a gold pass to experience how a ski area should be operated, on time, no issues, genuinely happy employees, happy, respectful guests. Ticket exchange wasn’t even valid for Sat, guess what, they honored it anyways.

    Overheard someone say in special tics @ sbowl when picking up their season pass the employee mentioned the tic exchange to squaw, “I’ll never use those tickets, Squaw is the most unfriendly, unfamily resort”, wow, says a lot of how others really perceive squaw beyond squaws mkting dept.

    Kinda funny how that post on sibo breakin down was on Fri dec 12th, then sheet hit the proverbial fan on sat, deedeedeedeedeedeedee.

    Lame letter about last Sat from Squaw, Mr. Warm Regards, passing the buck,,,

    “I have received multiple assurances, personally, from officials at Liberty Energy,,,,,,”
    “I’ve also received assurances from those same representatives from Liberty Energy,,,”

    ass,,,,,, in the same paragraph, hahahhahhaa,

    Hey Mr. Warm Regards, auxiliary power works fine, especially on beginner lifts like Big Blue,,,, if you keep enough fuel on board.

    Cheese and crackers, are you a leader as u say u are or not? Do you really know how to manage a mountain or not? Do u take personal responsibility or not?? Or do u just want to satisfy ur ego and be on shows like undercover boss, always sticking your foot in ur mouth and just try and build hideous monstrosity fake euro village condos for your money-grubbing overlords, thinking that is what community is about??

    Bought sbowl pass sat, no more squally sheet show weekends for me



  2. Simple Survey, as of 3:30 pm tday

    Mammoth FB likes 222,915

    Northstar FB likes 154.007

    Squaw FB likes 132,401

    hmmm,,, anybody wonder why Squaw would only be third in this group? Thx

  3. Miles, that would be 16 centimeters of new snow. The new hire employee grabbed the ruler with both inches and mm on it, just read it into his report wrong.

    Squaw has bigger issues this year than ever, aside from the tired ol workhorse Sibo they keep beating to get up and run, rumor has it, lack of employees will be a major issue once we get a full base and skiing top to bottom, due to the S Americans boycotting Squaw this year for their frustrations at being laid off in January last season.

    Heard a couple of well appointed gentlemen in lift line complaining how Northstar never had lines like today. Explained to them that’s the diff between Vail mgmt and B team mgmt.

    Summit 6 tomorrow, cause I’m scared ol sibo is just out of gas and don’t want to get stuck on it.
    Would never let my kids ride Sibera cause it’s so worn and old and on it’s last breath, hate to have a kid up there for hours in the cold.

    Sorry AM peeps, you knew this was coming.
    Peace out

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