Squaw Valley Conditions Report: 4 Inches of Fun

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Skiing the hogs back from the reverse traverse from Siberia Lift. Skier: Casey Cane, Photo: Unknown

At 6:30am on Wednesday morning, Squaw Valley reported receiving 4″ of snow.  At 7:30am they updated their reporting to 2″ noting, “We jumped the gun…”  Surprisingly enough, Squaw had not actually jumped the gun.  It skied like 5″ and was one hell of a day!

Granite white room – Photo: Katy Hover-Smoot – Skier: Bevan Waite

The morning was best.  While in line at the Funi eager crowd members shared rumors that both Siberia and Emigrant would be on maintenance hold for some reason.  I didn’t know what to expect, but Squaw Valley Patrol did a great job of getting terrain open right around 9am.

Backie – Photo: Bevan Waite – Skier: Alex Knnuuttunen

When we got to the top of the Funi, Sibo and Emigrant weren’t open so we headed to Shirly but saw that the lifts opened right as we dropped over to Shirley lake.  Luckily hardly anybody was out!

We headed to Sibo, got an untracked run to Emmigrant and rode to the top of Squaw pleasantly finding that Granite had opened!  We nailed it with Granite opening… And that was it, Granite was the all we skied the rest of the day.  Its like a playground back there… with tons of flat landings -_- …


image: squaw, tomorrow


Forecast for base of Squaw. image: noaa, tomorrow


Top of Emigrant
Granite looking towards corkscrew
More Shirley
Looking at headwall face from the funi
Mainline and Palisades
Lake Tahoe
Looking up at where the granite cornice will form with more snow.
Backie – Photo: Alex Knnuuttunen – Skier: Bevan Waite



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