Squaw Valley Conditions Report: 7+ feet of new snow

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Squaw was ripping today.  The newly covered resort was beautiful to look at while waiting in line. That was the name of the game today.  The heavy wet snow off red dog was skiing well for the first half of the run and quite sticky on the last half.

Tram face looking good!


boatloads of snow
buried cars at squaw creek

Aside from the ever growing line at red dog being a 45 minute wait at times, the skiing was fantastic.  As the day progressed, patrol was able to get the Funitel open around 12:30pm.  As soon as you could glimpse the upper mountain from the gondola, it was very clear why the rest of the mountain had not opened before despite the long lines.  HUGE avalanches had ripped slopes everywhere.  Bigger avalanches than I have ever seen at squaw.  The area under Siberia lift ripped a 6-10′ crown from under the lift all the way out through mainline pocket. Enormous.

The tram face from a secret zone

Finally at 1:30 Gold Cost and Shirley opened which thinned the crowed enough to do Funi laps sustainably.  I tired myself out early in the day because of the heavy snow, but tonight is supposed to get quite cold and suck some of the moisture out.  Cheers to an awesome Friday.

Photo Tour:

This was only half as long as it got by mid day


The Funi didn’t open until 12:30
KT-22 looks AMAZING. Unfortunately it did not open due to avalanche conditions.
HUGE avy run outs from the headwall and from Siberia.
This debris let loose from the top of the headwall and ran nearly half the length of the Funi.
Traversing into C bowl
About to ski no way out.

img_9364 img_9377

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