Squaw Valley Conditions Report: Fingers Race

Bevan Waite |
Beautiful conditions today. Image: James Yim

There is no other way to put this other than Squaw had perfect conditions today *in the morning.  I woke up and saw the Fingers from my living room couch.  They had turned into spines, and I immediately texted my boss to tell him I’d be late to work.

Shredding Squaw Valley Today. Image: James Yim

I got my things together and walked over to the lift to find they had taken half the chairs off KT-22 in order to dig out two sections where the snow was so deep it was touching the chairs.

Patrolers coming down after bombing

This took a long time to get ready on top of the rest of the prep work to open the terrain.  I lined up at 8am and the chair did not open until 11:30am.  Once it opened however the fingers race was on!

Three guys on the fingers.
Skiing into Hatchets
Upper KT looking goooood
Knee deep and blower
Fingers looking more and more like alaskan spines


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