Squaw Valley Conditions Report & Photo Tour: 6-Inches of New Snow

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Yesterday was pretty good at Squaw Valley.  It snowed about 3 inches in the afternoon yesterday and then another 3 inches overnight.  It was a bit dusty on crusty out there due the snow being dry, the temps being cold, and the layer underneath being pretty hard.  But it was still damn fun to ski new snow.

I started out the day at KT-22, did two laps before heading to Squaw 1 and then to Siberia.  KT’s chairlift side was actually pretty good for about half the run before it turned into ice bumps slightly dusted with new snow.  Siberia was where it was at.  Headwall nor the slot opened, but the reverse traverse to Sunbowl to C2 bowls was good to go as well as the high traverse around Headwall face to Classic chute.

You definitely had to ski with a bit of caution yesterday due to it being variable soft to rock hard ice, but all in all it was a darn fun day.  C2 bowls was definitely my favorite laps of the day, though I heard all of granite opened including the peak.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to check it out.

Tahoe has 6-10″ of snow forecast for this week.  Fingers crossed.  Hopefully storms continue to roll in as we could definitely all use a bit more snow around here.


They said 6″….
And a foot-ish in the forecast!



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