Squaw Valley Conditions Report: Saturday 2/11/17

Bevan Waite |
Bevan sending in the AM

The rain finally turned to snow at Squaw Valley on Friday.  After several days of rain it barely turned to snow enough at the base that it started to collect.  The peaks actually got a surprising amount of snow, though basically all of it was wet gloppy sierra cement.

Great turns down the Sisters

That said, it was still very fun skiing in the morning even though it was hard to get much skiing in at all.  Since not much of the mountain was open, there were extremely long lines at KT and the Funitel.

In the white room down the Sisters

Shirley finally opened at 12:30 and quickly became the most packed lift on the mountain.  I probably waited in line at Shirley for an hour before calling it quits and going home.

Burly Shirly
White beard of snow after spending some time in the white room.

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