Squaw Valley Reveals New & Bigger Village Model

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Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink
New Squaw Valley model. photo: Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink

The Squaw Valley village model that has been on display for the past 5 months didn’t show everything that KSL owns.  The new model shows exactly what they have planned for Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows and exactly how much land they are in control of.

The new model shows all 8,000 acres that KSL owns and the full village that they plan to build in Squaw Valley.  The old model only showed the the village area of Squaw Valley.

“The purpose of the old model was to show how the new village exists with the existing village.  The purpose of the new model is to show the orientation of the new village with the entire skiable terrain of Squaw and Alpine.” – Chevis Hosea, vice president of Squaw Valley Real Estate LLC/Moonshine Ink

Full Squaw/Alpine new model.  photo:  Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink
Full Squaw/Alpine new model. photo: Emily Dettling/Moonshine Ink

This currently village plan shows a village that will include 100 acres, a 132,000-square foot aquatic/adventure center, and 1,000 residential units.

Squaw has already agreed to scratch this model and start building a new model based on community input.  Many community members are calling for a smaller village plan.

“Many groups in the Tahoe region have shown their willingness to engage in a community dialogue, and their voices will be reflected in the revisions of our plans.  We are very thankful for their feedback and hope more groups will join our conversation.” – Chevis Hosea, vice president of development for Squaw Valley/Sierra Sun.

The new model’s scale shows 130 feet per inch.

Old village model.  photo:  FriendsOfSquawValley.org
Old village model. photo: Friends Of Squaw Valley

Read More, Learn More, More Photos of the New Model here:  

Moonshine Ink – New Squaw Model

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8 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Reveals New & Bigger Village Model

  1. So they plan to fill every square inch of the parking lot with development crap.
    Where will day skiers park then. In some ugly monstrosity of a parking structure for
    $25 a day a la Vail.

    No thanks, I’ll then go elsewhere.

  2. We have been contacting both residents and non residents to write to our supervisor, Mrs. Jennifer Montgomery in Auburn. She forwarded my list of concerns to the County Planner who made note of them.
    We can write to all the supervisors as they all vote on this development . Make noise and be heard.

  3. we’ve been dealing with PUD and their announcements and drawings for a rec path in this neighborhood. The lawyer guided deception is treacherous. Don’t believe that if you’re invited to a planning meeting that your input will be considered. It may simply be required that you are invited, not listened to. I hate revving up my social consciousness on this just to be ignored in the end.

  4. Smart move on their part. The big model makes the village look small and totally unobtrusive. They’re workin’ it.

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