Squaw Valley Ski Resort Gives $121,163 to “Save Olympic Valley”

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The document showing that Squaw has contributed over $120,000 to Save Olympic Valley.
The document showing that Squaw has contributed over $120,000 to Save Olympic Valley.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has contributed $121,163.15 to “Save Olympic Valley”, an organization created to oppose the incorporation of Olympic Valley.  The incorporation of Olympic valley is being spearheaded by “Incorporate Olympic Valley”.  Squaw Valley has formally come out against the incorporation of Olympic Valley.  To read the full campaign contribution document please visit:  Campaigndocs.PlacerElections.com


SnowBrains’ editor Miles Clark interviewed two of the board members of “Incorporate Olympic Valley”, Tom Day & Dr. Fred Ilfeld, last week and we were hoping to have that interview up this week, but it has been delayed to next week due to having too much fun in Mammoth this past Memorial Day Weekend.  Squaw Valley declined our request to interview them about this topic.

Incorporate Olympic Valley has gathered about $80,000 via private donations, grants, and crowd funding to pay for the fees included in bringing incorporation to ballot.


Save Olympic Valley’s mission statement:

Save Olympic Valley is a local coalition of concerned residents, business owners, property owners, workers and others who have come together with Squaw Valley to ask the tough questions that deserve to be answered. We have asked the Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to consider these questions as well as an alternate municipal boundary, comprehensive fiscal analysis and Environmental Impact Report when reviewing the IOV proposal.

Incorporate Olympic Valley’s mission statement:


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15 thoughts on “Squaw Valley Ski Resort Gives $121,163 to “Save Olympic Valley”

  1. The gov form says there’s 2 officials, 2 in Marin County and 1 ceo of a ski resort. hmmm.

    The exodus to join the IOV nextdoorneighbor email service skyrocketed after this story. bwahaha. Who’s the brains behind sov?

  2. Nothing comes up when searching the same Placer county site where this came from. IOV still hasn’t filed. They need to clean up their act and follow the rules of engagement. Running a town will have multitudes of protocol like registering with Fair Political Practices Commission and submitting reports on expenditures and donors. This should have been the first thing that IOV should have done. They have a good lawyer- why so sloppy? When IOV do disclosure, I will not be shocked to see that Fred funded the majority of their donations. They still have that donations are tax deductible on their website. Political donations are not tax deductible. They need to be honest with people. You might not like that Ski Holdings is the donor, but at least SOV is transparent.

    1. IOV is working towards getting in compliance with the FPPC. We thank our neighbors for bringing this to our attention.

    2. I’d like to think I’m pretty middle ground, Coyote, and yes these teachers, an engineer and psychiatrists etc fked up in a tint tiny way.

      BUT Ksl’s unlicensed professional lobbyists were fined. If professional unlicensed lobbyists can make a mistake, (hmm), so can a group of teachers etc WHO WON’T RUN for office.

      It’s so tiny, it’s IRRELEVANT. They have a proper paper trail thru Sierra Nevada Strategies’ computers.

      Would you like a treatise on KSL’s fk ups? I can start by Phase 1 plopping a huge building on my carbay, drving underfunded buses over a fiscal cliff, hoping VR shareholders help KSL build competing condos, and hiring unlicensed lobbyists! Or more recently: the solution was put under their nose. I assume they turned it down or, more likely, the ‘chinese whispers’ were lost in the mass of info as it passed thru senior managers to the top.

    3. KSL’s professional lobbyists were fined weren’t they.

      I recall a press release by the SEC, IRS and FBI was pretty damning about book keeping in the russian, euro and mexican offices of a multinational computer company called HewlettPackard.

      Geez, maybe these antiself determination people should go through their own dirty linen hamper before throwing stones in glass houses.

  3. Did squaw contribute the entire total or just the difference…$21, 163?

    1. Good eye. Not surprised nobody ever responded to you on that one because it’s harder to be up in arms about the truth. KSL did the difference, $21,163.

  4. $120,000 in a month? Are you kidding me?

    The next time KSL announces a donation to a non-profit, it better be in the 6 digit range.

  5. Transparency??

    Wirth is a manipulative, lying ____, plain and simple. Anyone who supports or believes any of his PR BS is also a puppet, as mentioned in a recent pow mag article and probably has something financial to gain. Roy???

    $121K, think of all the layoffs this past season, people trying to just survive, real nice Andy, real nice.

    1. Cool so will you say that to these people when you run into them?


      Having doubts about incorporation doesn’t make you a KSL puppet. It just means you recognize that not everything on the issue is black and white. The community will have to start from scratch when it comes to public services and I don’t know if that’s the best idea with the influx of residents. And no, Andy Wirth didn’t tell me to say that.

  6. wait! they’re using my early pass payment money to work against my interest. aaack!

    clearly, an active, vocal, thinking, empowered community in Olympic Valley is not in Squaw Holding’s best interests.

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