Squaw Video Conditions Update: Making The Most Of It

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Having recovered from the upper mountain closures last week, Squaw Valley was back online this weekend with the Mountain Run and Gold Coast churning out the (somewhat) goodness.  Patrol has opened up Mainline Pocket, yielding a few wintery turns amidst the rocky minefield.  The lower mountain remained slick yesterday, with Dog Leg extra slick in preparation for the upcoming U16 race, starting this Friday.  The above video was shot yesterday and chronicles some of the goods that can still be found with the limited snow pack at Squaw right now.

Squaw Conditions forecast
Yeah, that is precipitation in the five day… get ready folks!

It’s finally sounding like things just may turn around for Tahoe, with a little precipitation in the forecast (like 2-3 feet of snow possible)!  We can only hope that this swings the storm door wide open and gets the ball rolling for an epic second half of the 13/14 ski season.  Has the curse of 2013 finally left us? Who knows, but stayed tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Squaw Video Conditions Update: Making The Most Of It

  1. It did not appear that Mr. Bryant gave a rat’s ass how many core shots he may have gotten.
    Way to slay Mainline in those conditions!

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