Experienced Jumper Killed Jumping Off ‘Stand By Me Bridge’ in California While Friends Filmed

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Lake Britton bridge, stand by me,
Lake Britton Bridge, CA.

An experienced cliff and bridge jumper died Wednesday afternoon after he jumped from the Lake Britton Bridge, also known as the “Stand By Me Bridge,” off Highway 89 north of Burney in eastern Shasta County, CA. His friends were filming the stunt.

“The video showed the victim jump off the bridge and attempt a flipping maneuver before landing awkwardly in the water. Based on the information and circumstances, the Shasta County Dive Team responded to assist in the search.”

– Sheriff’s Office statement

The identity of the man, from Reno, NV, has not been released.

Lake Britton bridge, california,
Lake Britton Bridge, CA

The incident occurred when the man jumped off the bridge and never resurfaced. His girlfriend called 911 to report a potential drowning.

When deputies, medical personnel, and a CHP helicopter arrived on the scene the man had been underwater for more than 30 minutes. His body was recovered from a depth of 37 feet beneath the surface.

The bridge, above Lake Britton near Burney, CA, is famous for its appearance in the movie Stand By Me, in a scene that shows four boys running from a train on the bridge. The bridge is closed to the public, although many still jump the fences to walk on it.

Stand By Me

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  3. He did not jump off the train tressel “stand by me bridge” he jumped off the hwy 89 bridge over lake Britton its a complete different bridge!

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