Steamboat Springs, CO Resident Facing Felony Charge for Encouraging Kids to ‘Lick Things’ to Spread ‘Fake Virus’

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steamboat, police, colorado
Steamboat Springs police. File photo

A 23-year-old Steamboat Springs, CO man is facing a felony charge after he posted a video on Facebook inciting harm to others amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of people contacted the Steamboat Springs Police Department after the video, uploaded by local resident Jonathan Perez, was publicly posted and then shared on the county community page.

“Our community vigilance to public safety threats is commendable. This type of behavior is alarming and dangerous; it will not be tolerated,” Steamboat Police Commander Annette Dopplick said. “I am proud to be part of a community that values the wellness of all of our citizens.”

steamboat springs, colorado
Steamboat Springs, CO

In the video, which has since been removed, Perez instructed kids to begin licking items around the community to further spread the disease and claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is fake. He also made direct threats toward vulnerable populations report the Steamboat police.

Routt County, home to Steamboat Springs, has had 29 confirmed coronavirus cases so far, with no deaths. The state of Colorado has had 4,950 cases and 140 deaths.

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