Steamboat Springs, CO Condition Report: Dry Powder

Aaron Lebowitz | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
Welcome to Steamboat Springs- Happy Trails

It it was an arduous adventure from Idaho to Colorado, floating through the rolling hills of Wyoming and the ripping winds. And with the last ounce of fuel landed at Lower Knoll parking lot at Steamboat Springs. The Resort was bustling with energy for the first Powder day in some time and 9″ of free show had the early goers up and moving.

The base area was a bit confusing for a honky tonk mountain boy, but the staff had an eye out for our confused looks and we were directed to the Gondola. Going Up!


The views were spectacular and we continued upward into the clouds to see what we could see.

Thanks to local advice we were able to navigate around the mountain by our Powder noses.

Getting face shots were no worries.

Airtime was readily available too.

Walk up here they said…

Seemed like a good idea.

The snow was fresh and light, it would poof like dust.

And when the sun┬ácomes out…check the shadow illusions in the Aspen groves.


We need a bit of help getting the Bus going, as it would have been happy to stay. Until next time!

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