There’s Still Snow in the Rocky Mountains, CO | Last Year it Was All Gone by June 10th

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snow, Rocky Mountains, colorado
Snow still remains in the Rocky Mountains. Credit: Pexels

Usually, all the snow in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is gone by mid-July, and in fact last year it was all gone by June 10th. But for the first time in nearly ten years, that’s not the case.

As of yesterday, 0.2 inches of snow remained on the ground in the northern part of Colorado’s Rockies, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service snow survey. The last time there was snow this late was in 2011 when it remained a further week, until July 19. Before then, the latest was in 1997, when the snow stayed until July 13.

snow, Rocky Mountains, colorado
Credit: NRCS

That’s probably not surprising considering the storm that swept through on the first day of summer, dumping almost 2-feet on Steamboat Resort and multiple inches on higher ground. That snowfall was the latest the area had seen in almost 100-years.

Colorado experienced a heavy winter this year, including a massive storm in March, resulting in historic avalanche conditions. And as all that snow is melting, Colorado rivers and waterways are pretty fierce right now, resulting in at least 13 deaths caused by the runoff.

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