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Josh Wong and I (Birrion Sondahl) both live in Summit County, Colorado and have devoted much of our time to skiing urban features.  While many people consider urban skiing to simply being “doing hoodrat stuff,” the reality of it is that it takes a lot more time and effort than filming a simple park edit.

Our latest edit, which we have simple entitled “Street”, was filmed over a period of several weeks this March in Conifer, Silverthorne, and Denver, CO.  In it, we hit our first urban wall ride.


Since we don’t own a winch, wall rides are a difficult set up.  We hope next year to be able to hit more wall rides. This spot was set up with minimal snow due to an unseasonable warm March in Summit County.

During one day in Denver, we were able to slide a mellow quad kink C rail as well as down flat down donkey.  This was actually the same day that I had flown back from a trip to Alaska on a red eye flight.

I got off the plane, went up to Summit to grab my urban gear, and then went back down to Denver with Josh to hit these features.  Both rails were a success as we were able to do fairly technical tricks on both which was something we’d been looking to do as a lot of the urban we’d hit earlier in the year had simply been straight slides rather than tricks.

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 A few days later, we went back down to the front range to Confier.  Here we hit the classic Conifer High School down rail, which has been featured in movies by both Level One and Stept Productions.

Josh’s 450 on to breaking the rail is a highlight of the edit and has been called “downright nasty” by a commenter at Newschoolers.  I was happy to be able to get both 270s onto this rail as this had been one of my season goals.

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