Stunning Videography = “Migrations” Trailer

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Will Wissman doesn’t mess around.

Stellar Media’s MIGRATIONS series is an ongoing documentation of the relentless pursuit for perfect conditions.

Traveling long distances is a matter of survival for some animal species, however for the adventurous human it is a way of life. All creatures are connected by a natural impulse to search, discover, and live. For in the end, we must all follow our instincts.

The inevitable change in season presents new opportunity for discovery and if we listen closely to MotherNature, then we may just find ourselves in the right place at the right time. – 

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One thought on “Stunning Videography = “Migrations” Trailer

  1. If that is not the cutest lltite face ever . I don’t knowwhat is. Oh my goodness. I love this picture. Sort of happy for youthat you don’t have to deal with snow. It is too cold.

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