Sugar Bowl Today = Stupid Deep Photo Tour:

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powder skiing
Yimmers getting shacked off Lincoln chair at Sugar Bowl this morning.

Today was Sugar Bowl ski resort in California’s opening day for the 2013/14 season.  They got 18-22″ of snow overnight and they stuff was dry and very light.

The 18-22 inches of new snow fell at a temperature of 15ºF and was exhibiting a density of about 5%.  It was blower snow, champagne powder, light as lint, insert dry snow cliché here.  Face shots abounded at Sugar Bowl today.

sugar bowl
West Shore Nick evaporating in the 5% powder at Sugar Bowl this am.

Sugar Bowl was likely the only ski resort in Lake Tahoe that actually had a natural base of snow covering its mountain slopes.  That previously existing base gave the 22 new inches of snow something to sit on top of and gave skiers and riders a bit of a buffer from the volcanic rocks, stumps, and logs beneath the snow.

palisades sugar bowl
Sugar Bowl Palisades today

The skiing was fantastic today.  Fresh powder and face shots in the morning lead to chopped up powder and fun powder-patch-hunting.  By the end of the day, we were skiing great, light chowder that lead to higher speed skiing and higher confidence.

powder skiing
West Shore Nick doing the Colorado turn at Sugar Bowl today.

The day started off with overcast skies and temperatures of 19ºF.  Heavy snow quickly set in by about 10am and most of the day we experienced said heavy snow with occasional clearings and even a ray or two of sun.  It snowed an additional 1-3 inches throughout the day.

chairlift snow
It was nuking at Sugar Bowl today.

It’s still early season and there are still rocks and stumps and logs and obstacles hidden just under the snow.  Have fun, but be smart and be careful out there.

Sugar Bowl will be great once again tomorrow.  Today they had the Lincoln, Nob Hill, and Christmas Tree chairs open with 11 runs available.  Tomorrow Sugar Bowl is hoping to open the Disney Chair which will open up another entirely fresh area of the mountain with great terrain.  Sugar Bowl will be great again in tomorrow’s brilliant sunshine.

Sugar bowl
Yimmers milking the deepness today at Sugar Bowl


Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 5.01.42 PM


wind spines
Mini wind spines at Sugar Bowl today
heavy sno
Yep, it was nuking at Sugar Bowl today.
chairlift sugar bowl
Happy humans. Happy snow covered rocks
sugar bowl
Skiers right of the Lincoln chair was closed today but it’s looking good
snow scene
Beautiful day at Sugar Bowl today.

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