Summer Skiing in COLORADO!!

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2014-07-13 16.15.04

Many lines to choose from up in Clear Creek County. We were able to drive up to just above 12,000ft. Then we cherry picked the best lines right from the car.

2014-07-13 12.26.53

We had to do a bit of ridge walking. Great flowers, scenery and clouds made the walk easy.

2014-07-13 13.04.55

We took a long break and soaked up the summer sun at the summit.

2014-07-13 13.40.41

With lots of people we tracked out a couple lines.

2014-07-13 13.26.37

There were still some very large cornices hanging on up top.

2014-07-13 13.33.16

The skiing was fantastic! Long, thin, fairly steep ribbons of snow right off the summit!

2014-07-13 15.03.52
With good snow and good weather another couple laps was an easy decision.


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