Top 9 Resorts Open for Skiing in the Summer: Where There’s Snow, We Shred

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Summer skiing at Timberline
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Unfortunately, the ski season was cut short early this season due to COVID-19.  While some resorts like A-Basin were able to reopen for a short time this summer, most summer skiing, at least at resorts, is limited or nonexistent this year.  However, in the spirit of hopeful thinking, we put together this list of resorts usually open for summer skiing.  While you may need to retire the shred sticks for the summer of 2020, this list can help you plan some future summer adventures.

Timberline Lodge on the South face of Mt. Hood in Oregon boasts the longest ski season in North America.  There is a chairlift at the resort reserved exclusively for operations in the summer months of June-September.  The Palmer Express Chairlift actually cannot operate in the winter because of heavy winter storms that ice up the chairlift and make it too dangerous.  However, in the summer many pros and amateurs flock to Timberline to enjoy some turns on the Palmer Snowfield.

Beartooth Basin located on the border of Montana and Wyoming is unique in that it only opens for skiing during the summer months.  This is because, during the winter, the road conditions on the Beartooth Highway are too dangerous so the resort has to wait until the roads clear to be able to operate.  Generally, Beartooth opens in May and can stay open until July conditions permitting.  This area provides two Poma lifts to access the 600 acres of skiing.

Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is another great option for some summer glacier skiing.  It can be a bit of a trek to get up to the Horstman Glacier but is well worth the effort.  The resort is typically open for the summer from the first week of June to the second week in July with certain lanes reserved for camps and training.

Mammoth Mountain in California usually remains open until about the fourth of July with no pause in their skiing operations. After that date, or whenever the snow melts, the resort will usually shift focus over to their summer activities.

Summer skiing 2019 A-Basin
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Arapaho Basin in Colorado has also been known to stay open until the fourth of July.  However, this year they had to cut their summer season short on June 7th due to snowmelt. A-Basin was one of the few resorts that did persevere to reopen for summer 2020 skiing amidst concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Squaw Valley in California is one of the Lake Tahoe ski resorts and they are known for sometimes staying open into July when weather permits.  This resort hosted the Olympic Games in 1960 and has dubbed itself the “spring skiing capital.

Crystal Mountain in Washington will occasionally open for some summer skiing conditions permitting.  This year they reopened for just two weeks in June, with some modifications, to help skiers get one last fix.

While Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon doesn’t usually re-open for summer skiing, they are known for staying open well into the summer months.  With 4,323 skiable acres, 3,365 feet of vertical drop, and 360-degree access off the top of the mountain, Mt. Bachelor will keep you entertained as long as the snow doesn’t melt.

Killington Trail Map
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Killington Resort out in Vermont has one of the longest ski seasons for eastern resorts.  If you are out East and still looking for some turns, Killington is a great option that usually stays open until June when the conditions are right.

Last, but certainly not least, Snowbird in Utah often stays open well into the summer.  Last year, the resort stayed open past Father’s Day and offered Saturday and Sunday operations until the snow finally gave out.

Above are many great options for summer skiing and there are certainly more resorts out there that stay open late.  Each season every resort has to make a call on their closing date based on snow conditions among other factors.  This list is a good jumping-off point if you are looking for some summer turns, but always check out the websites for resorts close to you, they may just surprise you by extending their season on a good snow year.

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