Summit at Snoqualmie, WA, Apologizes for Long Lift Lines

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Summit at Snoqualmie struggled to keep up with busy holiday crowds (Image: Storm Skiing Journal and Podcast)

Summit at Snoqualmie has issued an apology for the extremely long lift lines that guests experienced on January 2nd. With the holiday period often being the most crowded for resorts across the United States, the resort struggled to provide a high-quality experience for guests and has taken accountability regarding the matter. Although this situation is not ideal for visitors, the resort, or anyone else involved, it is still good to see Summit recognize that they dropped the ball.

The resort took to Facebook to release its apology. Regarding the unfortunate day, they wrote:

“We made a mistake. Today’s crowding situation is exactly what we strive to avoid, and is not the experience we want for our passholders, or any other local skiers and snowboarders. We drastically underestimated passholder visitation and deeply regret not having more lifts/terrain open today to spread everyone out. To each and every skier and snowboarder that came up today, sorry, we blew it. We know you expect more from your home mountain. Today was a painful learning moment for us, we know we can do better, and we will strive to do better for all of you going forward.”

The resort is far from the only one to experience difficulties during this time of year. Monday, January 2nd was also a federal holiday, likely leading to an additional increase in crowds for that day. Hopefully, the resort will be able to avoid the long lift lines and limited terrain that seriously hampered their guest experience going forward.

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One thought on “Summit at Snoqualmie, WA, Apologizes for Long Lift Lines

  1. So they’re saying that they have some terrain and lifts they simply ckoose not to open at certain times (not due to safety)?!?
    What kind of horsesh*t is that!!!
    An apology explaining how they intentionally screwed people around, and no action taken, is more like a slap in the face than taling accountability. Man, I sure miss skiing pre-internet. Completely different experience.

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