The Gift of Sun in Japan in January: Photos & Video

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this video is from last week in Japan.

In Japan, in January, it’s supposed to snow and snow a lot.  They usually get about 300 inches in January.  Not this year.  This year, we’ve been in a cycle of snow then sun then snow then sun in place of the usual snow everyday.

Miles, smoke, & sparkle skies. photo: lee lyon

This year’s cycle has been great for getting up high and skiing some of the more exciting lines in the area.  

The X-factor has been the avy conditions.  We’ve backed off of many a line this year.  But, when it all comes together, it’s been fantastic.

spine japan pillow
Miles on a spiny flat spot. photo: zach paley

 The culture here is fantastic as well.  I threw in a few clips at the end to show some of the fun.

Learn More About Japan:

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spines in japan
Fun zone in Japan last week. photo:

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