Sunski Replaced the Lenses on My Favorite Shades for Just $12

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Topeka, Sunski
The Topeka’s held up to all the riding I threw at them. Photo: Sunski

One of our favorite new products this year has to be our Sunski shades. Perfect for ski touring, mountain biking, or hiking, these fashionable yet reasonably priced and eco-friendly sunglasses go everywhere with us.

And Sunski is a pretty cool company too. All their glasses are designed fully in house by the beach in California, no generic shades from China here. And everything they make is guaranteed forever. If your lenses get scratched, you’re covered. If your frames break, they’ve got your back. I’ve never heard of a guarantee on glasses like that. It’s part of Sunski’s goal to reduce waste by creating a top-notch product. As a company, you don’t guarantee stuff forever unless it’s going to last forever.

Nice use of Polycarbonate. Photo: Sunski

My shades take a beating, thrown in and out of my backpack, sliding around on my car dash, and they still hold up well. But when I took a tumble while wearing them, unfortunately, one of the lenses ended up scratched. And this is where the company really shined…

Getting replacement lenses was my best ever sunglass experience. Just $12, including shipping, popped them in in a few minutes, and, BOOM, brand new sunglasses! It’s also great because I don’t have to fret over them. I can use and even abuse them knowing that it’s easy to bring them back to new. Recycled plastic frames too, I love it.

Their ‘Lens Kit Program‘ is radical! I managed to replace my lenses for just $12, which from what they tell me, is their cost price. They gain nothing, it is purely for your convenience and stoke, and also a sign of how much they stand by their original product. On top of that, you can feel good about creating less waste in the world by saving your perfectly good frames and an extra trip by the postal truck. The Sunski lens kits are an easy, DIY way to keep your Sunskis looking and working their best.

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