Surfer Survives Shark Attack in Australia by Punching Creature Twice in the Face

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A surfer survived a shark attack in Australia this weekend by punching the deadly creature twice in the face.

Dylan Nacass, 23, from France, was attacked by the shark and suffered lacerations to his leg as he surfed at Bell’s Beach in Victoria, Australia, on Friday afternoon. Nacass escaped with just minor lacerations after the shark latched onto his leg as he surfed.

Footage caught by local Graham Blade shows Nacass paddling away after he won his fight for his life. Another surfer, Matthew Sedunary, came to Nacass’ aid after hearing the man’s shouts, having no idea he was in a serious situation.

“At first I just thought he was having a laugh with his mates, then I saw the fin.”

– Matthew Sedunary

The two paddled back to shore together following while the shark continued circling. Nacass told local media that he was ready to return to the water despite his terrifying ordeal.

“I fight with him and it’s OK, I’m alive. Everything is good. In one week, when my leg is OK I will go surfing at the same spot.”

– Dylan Nacass

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