VIDEO: Surfers in Huge Swell Work to Avoid Oblivious Tugboat and Barge

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This might be the most terrifying thing you could ever imagine happening in a swell lineup, reports The InertiaYou’re going to want audio on for this one…

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‘A pretty sketchy incident…’. Credit: Blair Conklin

Blair Conklin posted this to his Instagram account during the recent swell that hit Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. The waves were firing and the lineup was packed as this tugboat tried to tow a barge out against the rather significant force of the ocean. All while surfers work to stay out of the way of the unaware boat captain.

“Probably one of the scariest days of surfing in my life for many reasons,” wrote Conklin. “The power of the ocean is something that will never fail to amaze me and keep me humble.”

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