Surfing In The City? Surfing At Your Ski Resort? | Seattle Is One Step Closer to A Deep Water Wave Pool

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Pop-up wave pool, artists rendering, City Surf

How would you like to surf at your ski resort? Bringing surfing inland and to cities is becoming more than a pipe dream. With new technology and a permit to build, City Surf Seattle, is one step closer to setting up shop near Seattle, Washington. Their initial project is outlined here as well as their dream to be able to take this technology on the road and have a “pop-up wave pool” at ski resorts and concerts.

Take a look at the video simulation of the wave, as well as artists renderings of the pop up wave pool, and the building in Issaquah, near Seattle Washington that was recently approved by the city.  


EATER-TAINMENT: Surfing + Chef-Crafted, Fast-Casual Dining by Jason Stoneburner!

CitySurf Gets One Step Closer to Making Waves Near Seattle

ISSAQUAH, WA – (October 13, 2017) — Bombora Global LLC is stoked to report the City of Issaquah has issued an Administrative Site Development Permit for construction of CitySurf, the nations 1st – indoor deep-water urban surf park consisting of a two-story 10,180 sq. ft. building for a commercial recreational facility on a 53,976 sq. ft. (1.24 acres) site. The site will include a restaurant, patio, surf pool, edible garden landscape, open-lawn space for future outdoor seasonal surf pool, and parking.

CitySurf has been in motion for about three years, when owners John and Trisha Hoss were first inspired by an outdoor, manmade, surf wave competition in Europe. Instantly, they knew the dynamic of combining surfing + music + food + drinks would be a hit in the US. After futile efforts to import the wave to the states, John, a commercial pilot with a background in engineering, developed his own, appropriately named “Rogue Wave™.” Their plan is to launch the concept in Issaquah (a short drive East of Seattle), and make future waves in Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas, in addition to pop-up Rogue Waves™ for concerts, festivals and ski resorts.

The Hosses have partnered with a celebrated Seattle chef that understands the “Eater-tainment” aspect of blending surfing and noshing. In fact, Jason Stoneburner, executive chef at Bastille and owner/chef of Stoneburner’s in Ballard, is a passionate surfer himself, known to some for his beachside paella feasts, and using his culinary prowess to benefit local, non-profit organizations that teach kids to surf and care for Washington’s beaches. Stoneburner is energized to bring his unique, thoughtfully sourced brand of cooking to the suburbs and ride some waves a little closer to home.

Pop-up wave pool, Artists rendering, City Surf

CITYSURF – Details:

• Urban Surf Park: An urban recreational facility (10,180 sq. ft.), featuring a wave pool and a modern-concept restaurant, providing a new lifestyle brand of entertainment.

• The Rogue Wave™: A patent-pending machine with high-efficiency, electric pumps that move 240,000 gallons of water per minute, forming a deep-water, standing-wave with a 32 foot-wide sweet spot. The wave is designed for surfing (with a real surfboard) or other wave sports like boogie boarding, bodysurfing and river kayaking.

• Fast-Casual Restaurant & Bar: Chef-crafted food & beverages ordered at a counter and delivered to your table.

Board Shop: Retail area will offer action-sports gear and clothing.

• The Experience: 1.5 hours of action – approximately $30 = STRETCH (20 min. yoga) + SURF (35 min.) + SOAK (35 min. spa)

• Other Stuff: Party rooms, mezzanine levels and outdoor patio with fireplace, to host parties for kids and adults, camps, yoga, concerts, films and more.

With a mantra of “bringing surfing to the city,” the Hosses are emphatic, they’re not out to replace or compete with ocean surfing or nature. “Nothing can replace the organic experience of being on a board in the ocean – our goal is to offer a watersport experience in a safe, fun environment. For some, this is enough, but others might be inspired to adventure out to the coast and try surfing or rent a board during their next beach vacation” Trisha said. “For experienced surfers, we hope to complement ocean surfing and provide a facility to practice turns, tricks and jumps.” CitySurf is conceptually similar to a climbing gym for mountain climbers, kayaking parks, iFly and TopGolf; providing skilled enthusiasts or beginners a simulated experience to practice a sport.

When the facility opens, the Hosses hope to use their brand to create awareness about beach and environmental issues like reducing plastic pollution. As CitySurf grows, they will donate a portion of earnings to groups like the Surfrider Foundation, to further their mission of protecting the world’s ocean, waves and beaches.

To date, the entrepreneurs have used a seed round to secure the land, patent-pending status for the technology, structural and architectural plans, and this week, their Site Development Permit.

With surfing making its debut in the 2020 Olympics, and families and millennials driving the consumer economy, the Hosses believe the timing is opportune to enter the experiential market.

Permit in hand, they are exploring all combinations of debt and equity solutions to raise 5-million dollars in capital to build CitySurf and make waves in 2018.

For more information, check out CitySurf’s Facebook page @CitySurf Seattle

-By: Surf City Seattle

City Surf Seattle, Issaquah, WA, Artists rendering
City of Issaquah, near Seattle, WA

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