“Surf the Ganges” India Photo Slide Show | Kings Beach, CA Tomorrow Night, July 10th

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Paddle Boarding the Ganges River in 2013
Paddle Boarding the Ganges River in 2013

Local Lake Tahoe professional photographer Ryan Salm will be showing off his best photos from his 2013 trip to the Ganges River in India during one of India’s largest holy festivals.

Ryan and a few friends stand up paddleboarded down the Ganges River through this enormous festival and the images and stories they have are priceless.  If you’ve never been to India you have no idea the scale of humanity that occurs there on a daily basis.  Add a seething religious festival to that on the world’s most holy and polluted river and you’ve got yourself one helluva story telling platform.

Ganges River
Ganges River


– Wednesday, July 10th @ 8:30pm

– Jason’s Restaurant / Adrift Tahoe in Kings Beach, CA

– $5 donation at the door

– Brings a sweatshirt, the show is outside

– Check out Ryan’s website here:  Ryan Salm Photography

SUP Ganga Flyer 72

About Ryan Salm:

For the past 12 years Ryan Salm has been traveling the far off reaches of the globe contacting distant tribal groups and contracting various illnesses. Journeys on back roads with the local people have created a common theme in Ryan’s work. Radiant colors, vivid landscapes, and enticing faces are the cornerstone of his photography. When not purchasing plane tickets or wandering aimlessly Ryan spends his quieter days living in Lake Tahoe, California soaking up the sunshine and living the life of a mountain man. His photographic work ranges from fine art to commercial to editorial and can be seen anywhere beautiful imagery exists.

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